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Annual memberships help funding the publication of the Bulletin Marcel Proust, permit the museum Marcel Proust to be open to the public,  and contribute to the maintenance of the  « Maison de tante Léonie ».

Membership benefits include :

  • a free copy of the Bulletin Marcel Proust
  • reduced prices on other SAMP’s publications
  • Personal invitations and reduced prices on events
  • Free visits to Proust sites in Illiers-Combray

The cost of membership in the Société, recognized as a public interest entity, qualifies for a deduction from French income taxes up to 66% of the donated amount, within 20% of taxable income.

Thus, a 48€ membership only costs 16€ (if income taxes are paid in France)

You will receive a tax receipt for your gift.

Means of payment

Via HelloAsso
HelloAsso is the first fundraising website dedicated to French associations. No commission is levied on collected funds. No obligation to create an account on HelloAsso. Every collected euro is entirely disbursed to the SAMP. Each member has the possibility, in addition to his or her donation, and so optionally, to contribute to HelloAsso’s operations through the form of a tip.

by postal mail

Membership form 2022

To be be mailed, with a check (from a European bank) or a wire transfer, to :

4 place Lemoine
BP 20025
28120 Illiers-Combray